dilluns, 28 d’octubre de 2013

FIRE AND ICE by Alfred Dunhill

 Un excel.lent documental sobre el biathleta britànic Lee Steve Jackson. Molt emocionant per copsar la vellesa i dificultat d'aquest fantàstic esport d'hivern: El Biatlò.

"It's a strange life, biathlon. One of the hardest endurance sports, cross country skiing, hand in hand with the precise concentration controlled element of shooting." Lee Jackson

FIRE AND ICE is a cinematic documentary profiling Lee Jackson, a British Olympian and two time British Biathlete of the year. The film follows his demanding training regime as he pushes his body to the limit in a gruelling daily routine as he seeks to constantly better his last result and in 15 years of training has achieved what many take a lifetime.


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